Emporia State holds top seed for my Central Region Predictions.

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We are a little over a month away from the releasing of the regional playoff matchups for Division II. Everything is still completely up in the air, but to the best ability that I can supply I am releasing my central regional predictions here.

Division II baseball will assign six to eight teams to fall into eight regional playoff groups. Each regional site will participate in a double-elimination tournament.

The central region is one of the eight regional groups that will pull teams from the GAC, MIAA and NSIC conference. Last year the central region saw the two seed Central Missouri Mules move onto the world series and come only a few games away from winning the National Championship.

This year I think Emporia State will be the top seed to be named in the Central Region. Emporia plays in the MIAA conference and currently ranks #4 in the nation for the Division II level. Emporia last year snuck in the playoffs as the eigth seed.

Emporia has changed the scene a bit this year getting off to a 24-7 record and batting .334 as a team while supporting a team era of 4.16 which may sound high, but currently sits third best era in the MIAA conference.

The break down for my central region playoff bracket fall with three teams representing the NSIC and MIAA, along with two schools to represent the GAC.

School Overall Record Winning %
#1 #15 Emporia State (MIAA) 24-7 0.774
#8 Arkansas Tech (GAC) 21-13 0.618
#4 #22 Central Missouri (MIAA) 20-8 0.714
#5 Augustana (NSIC) 18-11 0.621
#3 #17 Minnesota State Mankato (NSIC) 19-4 0.826
#6 #28 St. Cloud State (NSIC) 19-7 0.731
#2  #21 Southern Arkansas (GAC) 26-6 0.813
#7 Northeastern State (MIAA) 17-11 0.607

Emporia  Southern Arkansas, Central Missouri, Minnesota State Mankato, and St. Cloud State have rankings that denote where they fall in the national poll for Division II baseball, according to D2 Baseball News.


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