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The Bobcats from Southwest Baptist were one of my selections to finish near the bottom of the barrel this year in my Missouri Division II rankings. March has come and gone along with my thoughts of Southwest Baptist not having the potential to be a top tier team.

The bobcats on the season sit at a 21-9 record with a 11-7 record in the MIAA. Southwest Baptist hasn’t won more than 21 games in a season in the past 7 years other than 2014 when they won 29 and finished 5th in the conference and then last year the bobcats won 22 games finishing 11th in the conference.

This year there has been a turn around for the better and each week Southwest Baptist continues to prove to me they are a team to keep an eye on. The bobcats are starting to build an impressive resume of wins on the season with a sweep of Lindenwood and Missouri Southern in back to back weeks.

The one kicker that stands out to me as a reason to hold off on making them a top 3 team and a team that could make a playoff push would be their home/road splits. Southwest Baptist on the season sits at an average at best road record of 6-6. The bobcats do, however, get it done at home with a 15-3 record on the season.

The road record should get more opportunities in the next few weeks, but one saving grace for the bobcats is their remaining schedule is extremely friendly. They will travel to Washburn and Pittsburg State, but they will host #18 Central Missouri and #4 Emporia State, who happen to be the top 2 teams in the MIAA.

I do think the bobcats of Southwest Baptist aren’t a fun matchup by any stretch of the imagination, but I would like to see more road wins before putting them up there with Drury and Central Missouri.

My rankings for Division II baseball in Missouri:

                                                              Division II
Rank Team 2017 Record Last Week Results Previous Rank
1 #20 Central Missouri 20-8 1-2 1
2 Drury 19-8 4-1 3
3 NW Missouri St. 20-10 4-1 9
4 Southwest Baptist 21-9 3-1 10
5 Lindenwood 18-14 3-1 4
6 Rockhurst 16-12 3-1 7
7 Missouri Southern 19-15 0-4 5
8 Missouri S & T 12-14 2-2 2
9 Missouri Western 15-15 1-3 6
10 Maryville 16-13 1-3 8
11 William Jewell 12-12 3-1 11
12 Truman 8-21 1-3 12
13 UMSL 9-15 1-4 13

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