3 Missouri D1 teams support a 10-1 record so far on the season, SLU moves up in my rankings

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SLU has quickly risen in my rankings and quieted any doubt I may have had in them. Traveling this past week to Oklahoma State for a mid-week matchup is not an easy mid-week task. SLU went into Stillwater and battled the entire game. It was not pretty, but SLU was able to pull out a 10-7 win.

After sweeping a 3 game series with Fairleigh Dickinson the Bilikens are seated #3 in my rankings and rock a 10-1 record. The same record as the top 2 teams in Missouri State and Missouri.

At the start of the year I said Slu would win 29 total games. They did have a major down year last year, but so far this year with 10 wins already, Slu should hit 29 and possibly surpass that number easily.

Missouri St. and Mizzou put together great weeks as well to continue to build upon a great young season.

Here’s how last week played out:

Division 1
Rank Team 2017 Record Last Week Results Previous Rank
1 Missouri St. 10-1 4-0 1
2 Missouri 10-1 3-0 2
3 St. Louis 10-1 4-0 4
4 Southeast Mo St. 6-4 1-2 3

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