Slu prepares to stay undefeated this weekend. Division 1 matchups are for this week.

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Starting off a season in a round robin tournament play can be easier in some fashion than playing a series matchup. Playing 3 to 4 teams 1 time as opposed to 3 games in a row may play easier for your team to keep their tricks hidden longer.

Slu was my 4th ranked Division 1 team in the state of Missouri and I admit I did not see them winning 30 games this year. Starting off the weekend with 4 straight wins, including 2 over Notre Dame was a fantastic start for the Bilikens.

As the Bilikens approach another loaded tournament weekend, they could easily move themselves up not only in my rankings, but in the national polls. SLU just this past week received votes in the NCBWA preseason Division 1 poll.

The only movement my rankings saw after this weekend was moving Missouri State into the drivers seat as the #1 team in the state for Division 1. Slu makes an impeccable argument to move up. Another solid weekend and I won’t be one to argue back.

Your Division 1 matchups this weekend:

Division 1
Rank Team 2017 Record Matchups this week
1 Missouri St. 2-1 @ Oral Roberts (Feb 21), vs. Belmont, Lipscomb, & Middle Tennessee St. (Nashville, TN) (2/24-2/26)
2 Missouri 3-1 vs.Texas A&M Corpus Christi (2 Games), vs. Houston, vs. Illinois. (Feb 23-Feb 26)
3 Southeast Mo St. 2-2 vs. Western Illioins (3 games) (2/24-2/26)
4 St. Louis 4-0 vs. Michigan, Santa Clara, & Creighton. (Santa Clara, CA) (2/24-2/26)




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